Veggie / Crispy Tofu Scramble - Recipe / by Corey Martin

About three weeks ago I posted a tofu scramble dish I had made for dinner to my twitter account and I had a plethora of people messaging me to get the recipe. I am not much of a recipe guy to be honest and I more or less make everything up on the spot. So just know I am doing this only out of love for you guys and gals who requested said dish!

If you have all the right ingredients, this dish is literally the easiest thing ever to make.

What you will need (Feeds 3): 

-1 or 2 blocks of tofu ( Depending on how much tofu you want in your dish.. I like a lot. You want to use cottony (non-silken), extra-firm tofu, which holds its shape and browns better than other varieties.
-2 cups of broccoli
-1 red bell pepper
-1 cup radishes
-1/2 cup raw cashews
-BRIANNAS classic buttermilk ranch
-La Choy teriyaki marinade & sauce
-Vegetable/Coconut/Canola Oil (which ever you prefer)
-Sea salt
-Garlic salt
-Garlic powder
-Olive oil
-2 1/2 cups of quinoa or rice (which ever you prefer)

I like to start by doing all the prep work. Go ahead and put your broccoli on to steam, chop up your peppers and radishes and put your quinoa or rice on to cook. Tasty tip, if you put a touch of salt and olive oil in your quinoa or rice while its cooking it will taste even better when its finished.

Then you will want to prep your tofu. The key to your tofu being crispy and delish is the removal of moisture, the dryer the better. I like to cut it into one inch strips and to lay it down on a towel or paper towel and then press on top with more paper towels to sponge and blot the moisture out of it. After very sufficiently drying out your tofu I then place all my tofu in a big bowl and more of less squeeze it to oblivion in between my fingers. This is a tofu SCRAMBLE, so I make sure that I scramble it. After going crazy on your tofu, you want to get out your wok or deep frying pan and add in your oil and start getting it hot. I typically just put in enough oil in my pan to cover the tops of the tofu that I will put in. Bring your oil up to about 350 degrees. 

While the oil is warming go ahead and use a chopper...or a crush your cashews down into little pieces small enough you can sprinkle them on later. I also go ahead and put my peppers and radishes in a skillet and start sautéing them in a light bit of olive oil right about now.

Once your oil is hot go ahead and start frying up your tofu! I do it it a little bit at a time, about a heaping handful per fry batch. I find that trying to cook it this way gets a more even cook and tends to yield better results. The timing is always different depending on your stove and how your oil is reacting to the magical tofu, you just want to keep it in there long enough to see it start to turn a golden brown. It's a good idea to stir every now and then to make sure it is getting cooled evenly and not sticking to the bottom of your pan. When it looks ready to pull out I just place it on a plate with a paper towel to soak up some of the grease and let the tofu cool.

So at this point hopefully you have all your scrambled tofu crispy and golden, your radishes and peppers are beautifully sautéed, your cashews crushed and your broccoli has just finished steaming. You are almost done! Pull that broccoli off the steamer and chop those green dudes up into little pieces.

You're all prepped and cooled and now its time to mix! This is the most fun and the easiest part. Find a huge bowl and and dump everything in but your quinoa (or rice) and cashews. Start stirring all the ingredients together. Add a nice layer of the ranch and teriyaki to the mix and stir until you have a nice even glaze over the bulk of your ingredients. Everything at this point is focused on your personal taste. I also like to sprinkle in a bit of garlic powder, sea salt and garlic salt in till I find the perfect mix of sweet and savory. 

Once you have achieved that perfect customized mix of sauces your dish is ready to plate and eat!

Lay out a portion of quinoa or rice in your bowl and top it with your tofu scramble/veggie goodness. Sprinkle your chopped cashews evenly on top (and add a little more ranch if you are like me) and BOOOOM. Your done. Eat it, love it and enjoy!

I hope you dig this tasty little impromptu dish of mine as much as I do! Let me know if you try the recipe and how it turns out. Feel free to share this blog post with your cool friends :)